Briquetting technology of “Carbona-Promintech” LLC

Технологическая схема Карбоны

Raw materials received by rail, are unloaded by clamshell bucket of bridge crane and stored in the open area, where pre-mixing of raw materials could also be made. Mix with natural humidity is loaded by clamshell bucket into wet material hopper (6), from where it is passed by belt conveyor to drying drum (3) equipped with cyclone battery and wet gas cleaning system on basis of Venturi scrubber (16). From drying drum (3) dry hot material is passed by closed scraper conveyor to dry material storage hoppers (6). From hoppers material is passed by belt feeders (1) to collecting conveyor (2), which brings material to weighting bin (15). From weighting bin proportioned charge goes to mixer (7) where it is mixed with preliminarily prepared (12, 13) bonding material. Charge ready for briquetting is transported by belt conveyor (2) to roller press (8), where it is briquetted. Formed wet briquette is passed by belt conveyor (2) to dispenser (9), which carefully places briquette on belt of belt dryer (10) and also separates wet breeze, which is passed by belt conveyor (2) to storage hopper (6). After drying or burning briquette is classified, after which good product is stored at open area, and dry breeze is delivered first by scraper conveyor (14) and then by belt conveyor (2) to corresponding storage hopper (6). All breezed smalls are returned into production cycle, and briquette which has passed quality control from ready product storage is loaded by clamshell bucket into wagons for delivery to customers.

Download technological schematic of “Carbona-Promintech”

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